Did You Know?

The Ear

Did you know…

1.The primary function of the ear is to hear and the secondary function is to aid balance.

2.The ear can detect sounds over a large range of frequencies and can distinguish between sounds of similar frequencies.

2.Inside the ear fine hairs and sticky wax prevent insects, dust particles and other harmful substances from entering the ear. This is an important defense mechanism for the ear.

3.The smallest human muscle is in the ear. It is about 1mm long.

4.The ear is also one of the few parts of the body which contain no blood vessels.

5.Dolphins have the best sense of hearing. Twice as good as bats and 14 times better than humans.

The Eyes

Did you know…

1.The eye is the world’s best camera. It can take flawless pictures and transfer them to the brain without any blurring.

2.Six large powerful muscles control the eye and allow it to move in any desired direction.

3.The focusing muscles of the eye move about 100 000 times a day. To give the leg muscles the same exercise would involve walking 80km a day.

4.The delicate parts of this precision instrument are kept clean by the eyelids which act as window wipers.

5.The retina can take ten different pictures each second or 800 000 pictures a day.

6.You blink about 15 times a minute.


 Did you know…

1. Blood is not the only liquid to circulate in the body. Another substance called “Lymph” also circulates through the body.

2. Lymph is syrupy and slightly yellow. It can clot the blood.

3. There are 8 liters of lymph in the body. A burst blister oozes clear liquid. This is lymph.

4. Most lymph glands can be found under the arm pit, at the top of the thighs and in the neck.


Did you know…

1.The average person has 4.5 liters of blood. People who live in higher altitudes have more blood in order to supply more oxygen to the heart.

2.Blood acts as a conveyor belt system in the body. It transports gases, food, chemicals and waste around the body.

3.There are two kinds of blood cells, red and white.

4.Red blood cells give blood its colour. It also carries oxygen to cells and removes carbon dioxide from cells.

5.White blood cells are actually colourless and are the defenders of the body. They squeeze out of vessels to fight against germs and unwanted organisms.

6.The body’s entire blood supply – about 4.5 liters-washes through the lungs once every minute

The Heart

Did you know…

1.The heart is the size of a fist and weighs approximately 300grams.

2.This magnificent pump works 24 hours a day for your entire lifetime without stopping.

3.It pumps 100 000 strokes in a day, while sending five liters of blood circulating through your body in just 13 seconds.

4.In one single day your heart can pump enough blood to fill a good sized oil truck.

5.The cardiac muscles are the hardest working muscles in your body.

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