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The Nervous System

Did you know…

1.The human nervous system develops most rapidly in the first six years of life

2.The average six year old has over 12 percent of his body made up of nervous tissue.

3.After 6 years the tissue no longer grows, so the average adult has the same two kilograms of nervous tissue he had when he was six.

4.A sensory nerve can send out 1000 signals a second.

5.When speed is not important, nerve signals travel at 50 centimeters per second. When speed become important, like when we feel pain, nerve signals travel at 100 meters per second!!

6.Before a baby is born, nerve cells form at a rate of 250 000 a minute.

7.After the age of twenty, 10 000 nerve cells die everyday and are not replaced.

The Brain

Did you know…

1.The brain floats in a shockproof fluid and is protected from knocks and jolts by the “helmet” of bone, the skull and three layers of tissue.

2.The brain is the central office of the body which controls and directs all the various activities of the body.

3.The brain can remember more than 50 000 different smells.

4.The brain accounts for about 3 percent of the bodies weight, but it uses twenty percent of all the oxygen we breath, 20 percent of the calories in the food we eat and fifteen percent of the bodies blood supply.

5.Even when you sleep your brain is still active.

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