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Random Rant 3

Allo there ladies.
I, is Mouse, and I is decided to start spreading the love.
This is my new idea. There are many of us youngsters who are single. We are all looking for partners no? So, I am going to bring everyone together. I am going to start patching each guy up with a girl from my mailing list. Then they can talk, get to know each other at a place. I think this is a good idea,

because in the long run they will get married, then have Muslim children and expand the Ummah. Also, they will be meeting Muslim members of the opposite sex, instead of non-Muslims. I think very good. I say we all meet somewhere and we will have a good time, dress nicely.

What is this kachra he is talking. Nobody on this list will ever say what I am proposing is Halaal. It is completely Haraam. Full stop. Even though the end intention is kind of correct, it is completely Haraam. Who doesn't agree?

So, similarly...why when we have our functions, braais, get-togethers, fairs, fetes, causes and aid functions/gathering...do we adopt Haraam things? Look at how many university functions take place around the country where there is open mixing of the sexes. Young boys and girls are mixing. To the organisers, I would feel kind of guilty for the couple who are hooking up in the corner, and I think I would be held responsible for this(because the parents are trusting it to be an ISLAMIC Event). 'But Mouse, it is in the name of Islam'....aaaaaay, don't attach this thing to Islam. Your intention is pure perhaps, but ALLAH SAYS ENTER INTO ISLAM COMPLETELY. YOU CANNOT ENTER HALF WAY BY HAVING ISLAMIC FUNCTIONS AND LEAVE OUT THE OTHER HALF OF HIJAAB, ADDING MUSIC, VIDEOING, PICTURES....Islam(Allah forbid) is not like one half mutton bunny and half chicken! Seriously, look at the events lined up. Its quite scary. Our mothers, sisters being photographed and videod(how do you spell that?)... the Hadith is clear: there is a curse on the picture maker. Sigh, we need to wake up. Brothers and sisters, do not attend these events. Rather work together with the organisers to have Halaal forms of these events. If you feel it is necessary that we need to do this so the non-Muslims can be made aware, then you are wrong. Islam was, and always will be. Allah never required Haraam means of promotion.
Furthermore, if we are going to these events, or organising them for helping a certain area, creating awareness, raising funds...then all well and good. But our main purpose is not that, IT IS TO PLEASE ALLAH. Whatever we do, is to please Allah. How can we please Allah with haraam means? So many of these gatherings are good and noble efforts. Brothers and sisters, gain that reward...I want you'll to get the sawaab. Please, think about it.

I bet I'm gonna get hate mail for this. Woooohoooohoooo. Truth is truth. If you don't want the mail, ask for an unsubcribe. I won't slap you.

The holidays are coming up. Many of us will be travelling, going overseas or somewhere local. However, we should remember that our Islam and Deen never goes on holiday. We should never forego our Salaah. We should not suddenly start dressing in bikinis at the beach, losing our scarf, or boys uncovering their aura(satthar). And another thing, burkini? What is that. I have gotten spam about it the whole week. From what I hear it is basically a tight fitting covering over the whole body of a female, which makes them look like a squid. If this is true(I haven't seen it or worn one), then it is also not allowed if it is tight fitting. The concept of Hijaab doesn't mean you can wear something tight fitting.Would you wear it for Salaah? Then in that case a latex suit would be allowed. It should be modest, and loose.

I'm going back to bed.
Make Dua

Hadeeth Newsflash

Reported by K`ab bin Malik (RA): Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, "Two hungry wolves sent in the midst of a flock of sheep are no more destructive to them than a man's greed for wealth and fame is to his Deen.'' [At-Tirmidhi]

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