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Linkin Park are coming to South Africa. In shaa Allah they don’t(SAY AMEEN MAN). Anyway, the sad thing is, we as Muslim youth particularly idolize them…from back in the day. I don’t know why….if we really liked the park then we can simply go chill in Albert Park, Mitchell Park…VyeHome and Park(haha lame). Nevertheless none of us will ever say that what they do is Halaal. We al

l unanimously agree that their songs and band are Haraam. Otherwise we should visit the nearest asylum(PMB I think?). So Alhamdulillah we all agree that they are Haraam, but then we just say we are going to experience it, we are only young once, when will they ever come back? But aren’t we in actual fact imitating the Kufaar and those who go for such concerts? There is a nice story by Rumi below, entitled ‘The Donkey’s Gone! The Donkey’s Gone!’

Once there was a poor Sufi. He had a donkey which he would ride on in his travels from one place to another. During the day he would travel about as was his custom and at night, if he should come upon a house of dervishes(my English sucks but I think this is like other poor people), he would spend the night in their company at an inn. If he did not find such a place, he would sleep in a mosque or in some ruins. He used to say to himself.”Wherever night falls, there is my bed.”

Since the Sufi had not family and owned nothing, and he possessed no skills, to live he would recite poetry about morals and in praise of the prophets and religious leaders in villages and towns and then move on. He was able to survive on gifts of money, food and other articles given to him. In his own world, he was thankful.

The only thing he had besides his clothes was a donkey. With it he used to roam the world and learn lessons. One day the dervish was crossing a desert with his donkey and was very tired, exhausted, hungry and thirsty, and he came upon a village. He enquired of a an inn which he could rest in, found it and led his donkey to the manger, he told the stable hand to groom the animal whilst he went to the assembly of dervishes inside.

There were many different kinds of dervishes at the inn. There were the upright Sufis, the tired dervishes, the broken-hearted and also the rogues/thieves. The Sufis welcomed him warmly, but the rogues in the inn, who had seen the newcomer arrive with a donkey that he had put in the stable, made more of a fuss over him than any of the others and showed him much honour.

One of them prayed loudly to God for the newcomers health and another showed him a place of honour in the assembly. Still another with great warmth asked him how he was and gently engaged him in conversation, whilst others signalled and gestured to each other and then left the assembly quietly. In truth, they were always in wait for such an event: that a stranger would come to them and have something of value they could use for themselves.

They collected together and headed straight for the stable and stole his donkey. In another street they sold the animal to a passerby who was ignorant of what happened. The thieves then spent the money on food and drink and sweetmeats and whatever else they fancied and returned to the inn.

Yes, they returned and gleefully invited all in the assembly to share in a feast of honour of their recently arrived guest. They all exclaimed, “the pleasure of the arrival of a dervish is love!” The dervish was very pleased with this, they all ate a heavy supper of many kinds of food and enjoyed the sweets and various drinks, having a great time. They shook the dust of his clothes and kissed his hands. They beseeched the Lord for his glory. The party grew more animated with dancing and singing.

At a signal from the thieves, the minstrel began to sing and beat a drum. Since he knew about the theft of the sale of donkey, that was the first thing that he sang about. So he beat his drum and sang the words as follows:

Joy has come and sorry has gone;

The Donkey’s gone, the donkey’s gone.

The donkeys gone,

The donkeys gone, the donkeys gone!”

The thieves joined in and sang with him loudly. Everyone was excited and jumping up and down repeating the verse. Now the visiting dervish, when he saw the liveliness of the men, he thought that it meant something significant at this inn and all started singing “the donkey’s gone!”. The party continue late into the night till everyone fell asleep.

Early the next morning everyone departed on their way, and our Sufi went to the stable but couldn’t find his donkey. He thought the groom has probably taking it for a drink. He eventually did arrive and the dervish asked: “Where’s my donkey?”

“What donkey?” the groom sneered.

“What do you mean? The donkey I put you in charge of!”

The groom then made fun of him to which he replied:” are we bosom buddies? Stop making fun here or else I will go to the judge and lay a complaint you fool!”

The groom snapped,”you are the fool, my good fellow! Where do you think all that food and drink came from? It came from the sale of your donkey!”

“My donkey! Who gave you permission to sell my donkey?”

“I didn’t sell It, the thieves did”

“then why did you give them my donkey?”

“there were too many for me, they were ten men and scared me. I was afraid for my life so I stay quiet. “

“Why didn’t you come tell me after they ha left?”

The groom nodded and said:”that is true, in fact, two hours after I went to call you and let you know what had happened, but when I went in, I saw you were enjoying yourself and making more of a commotion than anyone else! You yourself were celebrating the donkey’s departure! Dancing, bellowing and saying The donkeys gone! The Donkeys gone! I figured you knew about the affair and there was nothing more for me to say, I said to myself that you are an upright man, a saint, seeming to delight in making others happy. What would you have done if you saw the same scene?”

The dervish admitted that the groom was right. “Now I realise this was all my own mistake. I followed them in their behaviour blindly without understanding or knowledge. I became as one of them. If I had thought about the meaning of the donkeys gone from the beginning none of this would have happened. Now there is nothing I can do. If I had not sung the song of the thieves more loudly than they did, then I would not have lost my donkey!”

Let us think about this, we are also following the other nations blindly. Take this particular example where we would go to the concert, and sing along just as the dervish had sung. Remember the Hadith ‘Whoever imitates a people is one of them’! Would we want to be raised with those linkin park band members on the day of Qiyaamah? For those of us who still want to go, think about if we died there? I was going through my phonebook the other day and the number of people who have passed away! What if we die there? Let us make intention to tear up those tickets right now for the pleasure of Allah, and steer away form it. Never mind we lose money! Allah will give us so much more!

Hadeeth Newsflash

Reported by K`ab bin Malik (RA): Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, "Two hungry wolves sent in the midst of a flock of sheep are no more destructive to them than a man's greed for wealth and fame is to his Deen.'' [At-Tirmidhi]

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