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Nowadays we lack something that is fundamental to being a Muslim, and this is having trust in no other but Allah Ta’Ala.

Hakeem Olajuwon was a most valuable player (MVP) on the Houston Rockets basketball team a couple of years ago. He used to have a very bad temper and regularly fight with the other players, even swearing them. Although he was a good player, his team n

ever advanced, until suddenly in the mid-nineties they started winning which culminated in them winning the ’94 and ’95 NBA championships. Hakeem used to be a non-practicing Muslim, who transformed into a practicing one. He explained: “Before I started practicing my faith, I used to completely rely on myself. When I had done my best, I would be extremely frustrated if I didn't win. It would irritate and anger me. And that was causing me to be bad to others by fighting and swearing, but when I started practicing my faith, I learned that results are not my property. I started doing my best but then I left success and failure to my Creator. Now I was not irritated by failure and was not overinflated by success. That caused me to calm down and improve my behaviour towards others on my team and we became a team.”

The difference before and after? He understood the concept of Tawakkul (Trust in Allah Ta’Ala). What is wrong with us? We look at everything and THEN turn to Allah. Or we have the classic bujia statement where we say when someone advises us to adopt Tawakkul: “These are modern times, we have to be liberal”-liberal your bum. Islam was created perfect, finish and klaar. Take the following instances which most of us are guilty of:

· Mouse is writing a test, or exam, and instead of doing his own work, he looks to the side and copies Mango’s answers. His reasoning is that everyone was doing it, and I will pass and help the community! Instead of studying hard and putting his trust in Allah Ta’Ala. Remember cheating is wrong!

· Mouse is desperate to find a girl/boy to get married. So he starts by hooking up in a haraam relationship with Minnie Mouse and says that this is the only way he can find someone, and get to know them so that he won’t be hurt. Allah has already pre-destined who you will marry! He should put his trust in Allah and Allah will find him someone perfect in shaa Allah! Most relationships where you court and court end up in the courts! 99% of the time it is one individual who forces himself or herself to like another. Whereas if done the correct way Allah Ta’Ala will in shaa Allah make it work out. Leave it in His hands....yes it doesn’t make sense to our bujia brains-but explain how all your organs/the world/everything is working-ALLAH IS BEHIND IT.

· And the list goes on....

When we place our trust in Allah, this person realises that we are not all-powerful, Allah is! OUR CAPACITIES ARE LIMITED, ALLAH’S IS UNLIMITED. Sometimes we think that something is good for us and actually it is bad for us. Adopting the practice of Tawakkul has three benefits for us: 1) Knowing that our responsibility of what might happen is limited is comforting to us. Those who do not realise this often transgress the rights of other individuals, and sometimes this might be physical or verbal. Think about relationships! Road rage, when the tarkaari gets burnt and we blow our tops! In actual fact it is a mercy from Allah Ta’Ala that He has told us our responsibility is limited.

2) The second benefit is that it connects us to a powerful Ally! Think about the fact of how our ‘chaarous’ stand in Pavillion and stare at their enemies. Then when a ‘fight’ (series of boys just getting close but making no physical contact) starts, they are quick to say: “AY BRA I’LL CALL MY BACKSTOPS-I’M CONNECTED EKSE”. Well in this case if we adopt Tawakkul we will have the greatest Ally ever: Allah Ta’Ala. The more we rely on Him for everything, the happier He gets! It’s a win-win situation.

3) We do not get depressed if we adopt Tawakkul! We know all things are in Allah’s hands...

So my dear brothers/sisters/aliens....forget your worries, smile...be happy...leave all your worries of this world to Allah. Don’t worry about getting that stekkie, make dua to Allah for the correct spouse! Don’t worry about money...the rich aren’t happy, make dua for satisfaction in what little you have. Sit back, relax....and know that if you put your trust in Allah, then Allah has you covered.

Hadeeth Newsflash

Reported by K`ab bin Malik (RA): Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, "Two hungry wolves sent in the midst of a flock of sheep are no more destructive to them than a man's greed for wealth and fame is to his Deen.'' [At-Tirmidhi]

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