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Are your FRIENDS really your "true" friend ?

How can you find out ?  Ask yourself: are they taking you towards the most certain and perpetual success and benefit: that of the Hereafter, or are they going to be the cause of regret for you on the Day of Judgment? See for yourself. Here is a checklist. When in each other's company, you both: Comfortably backbite and make fun of people. Pass comments about others. Laugh at others together, be it a passerby or someone you are discussing. Call each other demeaning names in fun. Laugh at each other's cruel jokes about someone else. Start a conversation with "Hi instead of Salaam" and plunge into an exchange of the latest gossip. Hardly ever mention or discuss Allah , Noble Qur'an, Ahlul Bayt or Hadith in the time spent together. Feel hesitant to discuss religion, unless it is a criticism of any aspect of Islam. Confirm each other's doubts about the Hereafter. Get involved in activities that delay/do away with salaah (Islamic Prayer), the major obligation from Allah . Have never prayed any salaah together. Support each other in fulfilling every desire - a dress that caught your fancy, or the in-fashion shoes, even if they are not needed. End up spending money on things you don't need. Discuss unimportant things and events in meticulous detail, such as a film, the latest clothes you got tailored, or a wedding party you attended. Never point out each other's faults politely; if one does, the other quickly changes the subject or gets defensive.

Hadeeth Newsflash

Reported by Jundub bin `Abdullah (RA): The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, "Once someone said: `By Allah! Allah will not forgive such and such (a person).' Thereupon Allah, the Exalted and the Glorious, said: `Who is he who takes an oath in My Name that I will not grant pardon to so-and-so? I have granted pardon to so-and-so and rendered your good deeds fruitless.''' [Muslim]

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