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How to increase speed of Booting and Your PC Without any Software?

We All Facing Problem Of Windows Boot Up Speed.
Sometimes It Take Too Long To Get PC To Load. Therefore Here I
Mention All Tweaks That Increase Windows Boot Up Speed In Easy
Tips And Tricks. This All Tricks Are Risk Free ! So You Can Try It Out Without Any Hesitation.

1. M

ake Faster the Startup :
In This Step First Go To Start And
Open Run.
In Run Type msconfig And Press
Enter.You Will Be See The New
Window Popups.
Now In This Go To BOOT.INI Tab.
You Will See Timeout Option In It.
Change Timeout To 5 sec From
30. And Save Settings.
2. Defragment Your Hard Drive :
Go TO Start -> Accessories ->
System Tools And Choose Disk
Then Analyse The Disks And After
Analyzing Is Over Click On Defrag.
3.Remove Unwanted Startup
Programs :
Step 1:- Open your Start menu.
Step 2:- Click Run
Step 3:- Type msconfig, click
Step 4:- In the system
configuration utility,click either
services or startup tab.
Step 5:-Uncheck all programs
that your are no longer want to
run in the background.
It’ Done…
4.Delete Temporary Files From
Your PC :
Temporary Files Is Story Your
Much Memory And Also Get More
Processes. So We Need To Delete
It Regularly.
To Delete Temporary Files From
Your PC,
Step 1:- Go To Start And Open
Step 2:- In The Run Menu Type
%temp% And Press Enter.
Step 3:- Now The Folder Of
Temporary Files Will Be Open.
Step 4:- Select All Files And Delete
5. Scan Disk For Fix Issues :
Step 1:- Go To My Computer And
Right Click On C: Drive.
Step 2:- And Select Properties.
Step 3:- A Popup Menu Will Be
Step 4:- In This Menu Navigate To
Tools Tab.
Step 5:- You Can Find Error-
Checking Option Under It.
Step 6:- Click On Check Now And
Fix Essues.
It’s All Done.

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