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Love On Facebook ?!

She Is The Reason You're Online Every Day … ?!

Every Time You Receive a Message You Wish It's Him … ?!

She Is The One You Think Of While Updating a Broken Heart Status ?!

He Is In Your Close Friends So You Can See Every

Activity … His Every Like … Comment … ?!

You Feel Really Good When Texting Her The Whole Day … ?!

You Feel Jealous Every Time He Likes Others Girls' Photos ?!

You Feel Like She Cheated On You Every Time She accepts a New Boy In Her

Friend List ?!

The Way You Torture Each Other Is Not Replying Messages ... Not Liking Each Others Activities ... Or Even Deactivating accounts ...?!

You Really Think This Is Love ?!!!

Well … I'm Sure It’s Not !!!!

All I Know about Love Is What I Read about The Prophet Peace Be Upon Him & Khadidja May Allah Be Pleased With Her …. How He Loved Her Every Moment They Were Together … & Even When She Left … He Never Stopped Loving Her … He Was Good Even To Her Friends !!!

Talk To Me about This Love & I Will Listen To You !!!

What Happens Here On facebook Is a Kind Of Affection … Addiction To Some One … It Can Be anything Except Love !!!

Love Is Not Some Messages & facebook Activities … Starting With a Friend Request & Ending With a Block !!!

Take Care Of Your Heart … & Don't Give AnyOne a Chance To Play With Your Feelings … Even If You're Honest ... There Is No Guarantee That Others are Not Fake !!!


Hadeeth Newsflash

Reported by Jundub bin `Abdullah (RA): The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, "Once someone said: `By Allah! Allah will not forgive such and such (a person).' Thereupon Allah, the Exalted and the Glorious, said: `Who is he who takes an oath in My Name that I will not grant pardon to so-and-so? I have granted pardon to so-and-so and rendered your good deeds fruitless.''' [Muslim]

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